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Chimney Lining – Repair and renew your chimneys lining

When you ask us to install a new chimney lining, we take a flexible, stainless steel tube and run it from the top of your chimney to the fireplace gather or directly to the solid fuel appliance.

The new chimney lining will remain invisible whilst offering the best protection possible for your chimney. Relining your chimney is simple, safe and will last longer than ordinary bricks and mortar.

What We Do

If you have a problem with your current chimney lining, or you want a new stainless steel chimney liner installed, then you have come to the right place.

We will start by carrying out an on-site chimney inspection. This includes smoke testing, accessing the roof to check the condition of your chimney pot and then checking the condition of your current chimney lining. We inspect the chimney stack and take measurements of the fireplace opening with relation to the stove and the relevant building regulations for the installation of solid fuel appliances.

One of our experts will then advise which Solid Fuel appliance is suitable and decide whether the existing brick chimney should be relined with a stainless steel flexible chimney liner.

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