Multi Fuel Stoves

The stoves of ‘choice’

Choice of designs; choice of output capacity; choice of colour and finish; and, of course, and the choice of which fuel to burn on your premium grade cast iron multi-fuel model:

  • Wood
  • Coal
  • Anthracite
  • Peat
  • Turf briquettes


  • Manufactured smokeless fuels

If you don’t have easy and regular access to wood, having a multi-fuel stove means you’ll have the option to burn coal. You live in a Smoke Controlled Area, and your stove isn’t DEFRA exempt? OK. Simply burn authorised smokeless fuels.

The convenience of multi-fuel stoves doesn’t end there…

Say Goodbye to ash shovelling, at last

Multi-fuel stoves supplied quickly and expertly installed burners:

  • Offer high thermal efficiency, helping you to control and reduce your heating costs
  • Are sturdy and look good: choose from a traditional matt black finish, or a deep painted enamel
  • Are easy to control
  • Come with a fixed grate or a riddling grate with an ash pan underneath, so there will be no need to use a shovel to remove the ash, as you would with a wood-burning stove
  • Have self-cleaning glass, so you’ll always have a clear view of the mesmerising swirling flames
  • Can come with useful side doors, for inserting logs easily, quickly and safely

NOTE: Although multi-fuel stoves can burn a range of fuels; household waste, bituminous coal, and petroleum coke-based fuels must never be used.

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